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Need a Ghost Writer?

Are you looking for a ghost writer for your music, poem or wedding vows? We will do the writing for you.

“Sound Poetic” is a service we offer to anyone who needs lyrics for a verse, song, poem or spoken word piece. Whether you need something to be written for a person, event or special occasion, we got you covered. Our writers have 30+ years of experience in this field. We included a few samples of our work on this page for your reference. To initiate services, provide the requested information below.


Listen to some samples of our work directly below

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Hip Hop / Rap / R&B

Description                                               Fee

  • 8 bar verse (no revisions)             $75
  • 8 bar verse (one revision)             $95
  • 16 bar verse (no revisions)          $100
  • 16 bars (one revision)                   $135
  • 24 bar verse (no revisions)          $150
  • 24 bar verse (one revision)          $195
  • Complete Song                              $250 (Rights Managed – No publishing, we retain the rights)
  • Complete Song                              $500 (Royalty Free – Includes publishing, you retain the rights)

Spoken Word / Poetry

Basic Package- $75

  • Write a short (roughly 1 page) poem pertaining to a given topic (or random if requested).
  • Using colorful metaphors, similes, and nuances of the English language
  • 1 revision
  • 2 day turnaround

Standard Package- $95

  • Write a 1 to 3 page poem pertaining to a given topic (or random if requested).
  • Thoroughly research topic, if requested
  • 2 revisions
  • 3 day turnaround

Spoken Word Samples:


I continuously search for morning dawns so that I can be the sunrise of hope and choke negative clouds, provoked by doubters who would love nothing more than to rain shower on my field of dreams, but I fear it seems that they underestimated what I can do with lemons; how I can use adversity as a perch to reach the heavens…”


When your intentions and actions don’t match it’s because they were affected and distracted by an influence, one that does not possess the quality of congruence towards the message you wished to convey and we call that a mistake…


I stood from afar and watched her like a Timex which is ironic cause her movements were timeless, temporarily blinded by shades and tints of crimson and scarlet, ruby red walking garments, I felt her strawberry heel appeal pierce the armor of curious observation and I find myself face-to-face with the sultry moves of a silhouette in Moulin rouge shoes…”


The properties of space in which the sizes and shapes were meant to create feminine figures are measured by the length and area and the volume of mass hysteria caused by the angles, formed by the bend of her ankles, acutely to where the curve of her hips have dangled off the edge of the bed, allowing my hands to transform her symmetry…”

Black History

I am Black History and it’s not because my skin is sable that makes me able to have the victory

It’s because those before me would forward think instinctively, and more important, fought the laws enforcement of judicial indignity to give Blacks an opportunity so that you and me can live affluently. So there’s no excusing me from the obligations to follow the road that was paved when slaves were made out of brave men, women and children sold into trade then placed onto ships to strip and degrade them of the basic human right that God gave them…”